What will an SEO audit really tell me about my business?

'Do or die, I want my business to rank as number 1'

Ever heard that comment before? As a marketer, I often hear this comment and it always sends a shivver down my spine. Ranking as number 1, on page 1 may not always translate into new business as there are a number of other factors which come into play and throwing more money at it may not be the answer! 

Google, like them or not, sets the benchmark as to how a business will rank in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). The formulas have changed over the years and those that ranked high using the old formula may be well down the list with the new!

Google now places huge emphasis on the element of trust in a website. The site must have evidence that it is providing a standard of service that is exemplary, have been around for a long time, have great reviews and is using the cutting edge technology required to service a very demanding and intelligent audience.

You need to understand that Google is on the customer's side here. To use a transport analogy, Google provides the highway, all you are doing is providing a vehicle for the consumer to travel in. The better the vehicle the better and more comfortable it is for the consumer the better they will respond to what you are offering. You provide a poor vehicle, trying to travel along the same highway, and the customer experience is nowhere near what it should be so Google sends you off to the side roads until you can provide a better vehicle! The side roads are page two, three, five, seven and so on of the SERPS.

Computer highway.jpegPoor road experience.jpeg

                             It is all about the User Experience as the diagram below points out

User Experience.pngImage by Paul Veugen on Flickr: some right reserved

Now that you know that there are these are some of the factors which govern whether your website is favoured by Google or not, you may need to also confirm how your website is performing by doing an SEO Audit.

An SEO Audit will flesh out how your website is performing as a website. In other words, there are just as many formulas behind the scene with a website which will determine how well it performs against other websites out there.

So what will the SEO Audit show you? 

  1. A description of the current state of your website – Provided as a detailed analysis on how your website is performing in search, number of internal/external links, social media, and any other information related to your website’s existing condition.
  2. Provide a list of actions that can be taken based on a SEO audit checklist together with explanations for each and every item in the list. These include: Titles and descriptions, url structure, text formatting, content structure, internal and external linking, image sizes, broken links, page speed, user friendliness, and website structure to name a few!
  3. A report describing a complete Internet marketing strategy for taking advantage of all available sources of traffic and opportunities on the Internet and not just SEO.

It is not hard to see how this could be overwhealming for the average business owner, thinking that every website should perform as the website developer said it would, only to find that your site cannot be found in the SERPS! 

Localtag specialises in providing the SEO services which can work to correct many of the issues outlined above to give your site the very best of chances to rank higher than it might be now. One thing that Lacaltag can guarantee is that providing a great SEO service will not produce instant results but over the course of a period of time the transformation will take place. 

For those thinking to shortcut the system by looking for instant results such as with Pay per Click Advertising like Adwords. Unfortunately, if your website is operating on a side road due to SEO problems, no amount of money will really help the site to rank higher than it is until the SEO issues are addressed.

In short, an SEO Audit will set the foundation for your website to start to move off the side roads onto the Google super highway as the old clunker that you used to have has now become a Rolls Royce!


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