How To Plan A Wicked Good Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook ads make up a good part of nearly all online marketing campaigns these days. That doesn't mean that these ads are planned well. read more

Facebook Expand Interests Trial: Big results for cold audiences

Are you overspending on Facebook Ads like we were? read more

$10k Grant Applications: FAQ

We're starting to get some good questions about the grant and how to apply. We've even heard from a few businesses who have applied in the past. We'll continue to add to the list as we hear more from you. In fact, if you have a question about the grant please click the message button in the bottom right and ask! read more

Engaging and growing your Facebook audience

How to post on Facebook Facebook is one of the most valuable tools in the marketing world today, but only if you use it correctly. Many business owners struggle to create success with their page and decide that it's not for them. But before you give up and leave your page to die a slow death it's worth understanding some fundaments and while Facebook is worth persevering with. read more

How to use your Facebook business page to comment on other pages

Even if you’ve made the switch to Facebook’s Business Manager, you can still use your business page to like and comment on other pages. And it’s still a mighty important thing to do. read more

Ten Steps to Using Your Social Media Tools Wisely

One question I’m regularly asked is ‘How do I use Social Media to Help My Business?’ It’s a question that takes time to answer and even longer to implement. Along with the time it takes to establish individual strategies and monthly planning I’m not entirely convinced every business needs to use every Social Media tool available to them. read more

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